The Last Word: Nada’s John Green on Making the $27T Home Equity Market More Accessible

“We want to be that beacon for real estate as accessible money for consumer good.”

John Green
Co-Founder and CEO
.…on leading his company into the $27 trillion home equity market, via D CEO.

Green is the former leader singer of a punk rock band, who toured the world and put out two albums in his early twenties. But now he’s taking the stage in a different way—by leading his startup Nada into the $27 trillion home equity market.

Nada originally launched in 2019 as an integrated service, removing the traditional commission structure when selling a home by delivering all real estate services—from realty and mortgage to insurance and escrow—for a flat fee paid at close. Its slogan: Sell your home online, pay nada.

By 2021, Nada followed up other new product offerings by teaming with New York-based Republic to launch Cityfunds, a city-specific, index-like product, that allows both accredited and non-accredited investors to invest in single-family rental homes, and fractionally invest in owner-occupied homes.

Real estate as an asset, that’s always been our focus—how can we make real estate as an asset more accessible and more powerful to the everyday person,” Green told Dallas Innovates in 2022 after Nada closed an $8.1 million seed round.

In the April issue of D CEO, Green describes himself to Kelsey Vanderschoot as the “summation of two parts of a person”—a nonconformist and a successful fintech entrepreneur.”

Now looking to raise more funds in 2023, Green tells D CEO that Nada will launch a debit card in Q2 2023 through a partnership with Visa. Customers will be able to store cash they’ve earned from selling home equity or through their Cityfunds investments right on their Nada-branded card.

Green also has plans to integrate all his company’s services into the Nada mobile app.

To date, Nada has launched its Cityfunds offering in Dallas, Austin, Miami, and Tampa—but before this year’s end, Green aims to launch Cityfunds in Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. 

“The opportunity is massive,” he tells D CEO.

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