The Last Word: Krista’s Luther Birdzell on AI as ‘Technology That Understands People’

“I like the specificity of ‘Designing for Dialogue,’ but remain loyal to ‘technology that understands people as the best mission statement ever.”

Luther Birdzell
Chief AI Officer
.…commenting on a recent Harvard Business Review story on organizations using GenAI more like a coworker than a static technology via LinkedIn.

When it comes to the intersection of AI and people, Luther Birdzell of Dallas-based Krista has plenty to say. His company provides a natural language processing-based platform that helps businesses “integrate any AI into processes to improve business outcomes.” Birdzell’s expertise and insights recently earned him a spot on Dallas Innovates’ inaugural AI 75 list, which debuted today.

Commenting on a recent Harvard Business Review article titled “Your Organization Isn’t Designed to Work with GenAI,” Birdzell weighed in on the proposed “Designing for Dialogue” paradigm, which suggests that technology and humans can share responsibilities dynamically.

While acknowledging the authors’ points, Birdzell noted a narrow focus on GenAI. “Every point they made applies equally, if not more, to all AI technologies,” he wrote on LinkedIn. “GenAI can’t help your CFO improve the predictability of your forecasts and cash flow—traditional AI can.”

Birdzell, who has more than 20 years of experience in technology products and services, also recently addressed the critical role HR will play in guiding companies through the cultural shifts AI can cause. “The introduction of ‘AI-lite’ into the workplace to improve productivity causes shifts in company culture,” he noted, adding that these changes might include alterations in job roles, new skill requirements, and evolving employee expectations.

According to Birdzell, HR leaders are the “natural stewards” for navigating these transformations. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” he wrote, quoting management guru Peter Drucker, and adding that this insight “applies doubly to adopting AI.”

You can read his full post on AI and HR here.

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