Texas Is Ranked the No. 1 State in the U.S. for Gamers

According to a new study by Cribbage Online, the Lone Star State snagged the title of best state for gamers by having the highest number of different internet providers, the ninth-best internet speeds on average, the eighth-highest percentage of the population with access to fiber optic broadband, and the second-most gaming-related conventions slated for 2023-2028.

The Lone Star State is “game on” like no other state in the country when it comes to gamers.

That’s according to a new study by Cribbage Online, which ranked the best states for gamers based on 11 factors—including internet download speeds and cost and number of internet providers, as well as gaming-related conventions, GameStop stores, Best Buy stores, and tech repair stores per 100,000 people.

Texas comes in first place with a “Gamer Index” score of 64.78 out of 100, the study shows—with the highest number of different internet providers and the ninth-best internet speeds on average (425.9 Mbps), along with the eighth-highest percentage of the population with access to fiber optic broadband, at 60.8%.

Texas is a very close No. 2 in gaming-related conventions

As for gaming-related conventions slated for 2023-2028, Texas is only a single event away from tying Florida for No 1 in that category, the study showed. This is a big reason four Dallas-Fort Worth cities recently “beamed up” near the top of the list of Geek Culture cities.

Following Texas on the best state for gamers list is Maryland at No. 2, followed from No. 3 to No. 10 by Virginia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Georgia, Kansas, Delaware, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

No West Coast state cracked the Top 10, the study notes—with Washington state being the first to appear at No. 27. California is all the way down the list at No. 41. Maybe people spend too much time there literally surfing? That would make sense, because the very bottom of the list for gamers at No. 50 is the best surfing state of all: Hawaii.

“The findings indicate the states where gamers are likely to have the best experience across the nation,” a Cribbage Online spokesperson said in a statement. “Overall, states such as Texas, Maryland, and Virginia all see a solid infrastructure set-up for gamers, and are well-rounded across a number of categories, whereas states that scored poorly, such as Hawaii, Montana, and Maine, simply don’t share the same benefits. Slower internet speeds, and lack of high-speed broadband availability are some of the main contributing factors to their lower scores.”

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