Gen Z Is Flooding Into Texas: Young Demo Moving Here in Nation-Leading Numbers

by | Feb 12, 2024
Texas is America's No. 1 state by far in attracting Gen Z out-of-state movers, according to a new analysis of 2022 census data by real estate marketplace Zillow. It may be time to catch up on slang and watch out how you put emoticons in your texts.
Report: Dallas & Fort Worth Among America’s Top 3 Pet-Friendly Cities for Renters
by | Mar 6, 2023
When you own your home, you can fill it with all the dogs, cats, gerbils, goldfish, turtles, parakeets, and rabbits you like as long as you don't go too overboard. But renters face a hurdle: They can only bring theirs to "pet-friendly" rentals. And that turns out to be less of a problem in Dallas and Fort Worth than almost any other city in America.
Roomored Gets Investment to Boost its 3D Visualization Platform for Homebuilders—Timely Tech in a COVID World
by | Sep 16, 2020
Roomored's platform for homebuilders lets buyers shop for and design a home entirely online. The investment comes at a time when virtual touring is up 400 percent during the pandemic.
Knock currently operates in five markets, with plans to expand and grow moving forward. [Photo: Courtesy Knock]

Knock-Knock: Real Estate Startup With a Trade-In Platform Expands To Dallas-Fort Worth

by | Nov 1, 2018
Co-founder Sean Black says Knock has found its niche in residential real estate because it's the only company doing a trade-in—and, it'll do everything for you.