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Fighting Addiction with Exercise: The Phoenix Gym Comes to Dallas

Posted by Lauren Hawkins

This fitness center offers more than just a place to work out, it provides a free opportunity for recovery — and it’s coming to Dallas.

The Phoenix gym members stand by the motto “RISE & RECOVER & LIVE.” All it …

If You Can’t Take the Heat, Plant More Trees: The Cool and Connected Oak Cliff Project

Posted by Lauren Hawkins

Trees accomplish more than just adding a little greenery to the Dallas concrete jungle — they affect air pollution, the temperature, and the entire community.

With the rising problem of urban heat islands, local organizations are stepping up with big …

Global Charity Brings Fight Against Hunger to South Dallas

Posted by Julia Batlle

A global charity is fighting for the food insecure residents of South Dallas to end hunger. The organization, “Feeding Children Everywhere,” delivers healthy meals daily to families all over the world.

This month, the charity opened its 10,000 sq. ft. …