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Hip Hop Architecture Camp Will Help Kids Find Their Rhythm in Dallas

Posted by Lauren Hawkins

Hip Hop Architecture is more than just a hub for hip-hop musicit’s the chance for students to march to the beat of their own creative drums.

The idea began with a TED Talk by Detroit-based architect Mike Ford, …

The Altruists: North Texans Are Making Social Innovation Their Mission

Posted by Krista Nightengale

There is plenty of proof that North Texas is an incubator for creatives in urban planning, education, and social innovation.

From national nonprofits launched out of homes to game-changing ideas that have cultivated millions of dollars for the nonprofit sector, …

New Urbanism: Plans That are Changing the Landscape of DFW

Posted by Dallas Innovates

You’ve probably heard the term New Urbanism, but what is it, and how are Dallas-Fort Worth cities embracing the concept?

New Urbanisim is all about human-scaled urban design.

It’s an approach to planning and development that is based on the …

Movers + Shakers:
North Texas Social Innovators You Should Know

Posted by Lance Murray

Dallas-Fort Worth is home to dozens of creatives who are changing the face of urban planning, social, and educational innovation. Here are some to watch.


Brittany Merrill Underwood

Founder of Akola Project

Underwood is the founder of the Akola …

Reshaping the Built Environment: Creating a Memorable Urban Form For DFW

Posted by Heather Noel

The time is ripe for change of North Texas’ urban pattern, according to real estate developer and planner Paris Rutherford.

Take a gander of the area from a bird’s eye and the landscape creates no sense of place like Paris, …

Greater Dallas Planning Council Names Urban Design Winners

Posted by Lance Murray

The Greater Dallas Planning Council has announced winners of its annual Urban Design Awards, which recognize projects and individuals who have shown excellence and leadership in the areas of urban design and urban planning in the Dallas area.

The winners …

Big Ideas Emerge at Dallas Festival

Posted by Jana J. Pruet

There was no shortage of big ideas at this year’s Festival of Ideas. The second annual event, held over two days at Dallas’ Fair Park, was buzzing with excitement and creativity.

“Our city is about people,” Brent Brown

Education: State of Innovation in Dallas-Fort Worth

Posted by Patrick Kobler

Welcome to the content hub for education news and commentary, featuring topics that range from lower education to higher education, research and faculty and student highlights. Here’s an overview of where we stand in education innovation leading into 2016. 

Dallas …