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Humphreys & Partners Shows Its Uber Elevate Skyport Vision

Posted by Lance Murray

Dallas-based Humphreys & Partners Architects LP unveiled its concepts for skyport and mega-skyport facilties at the Uber Elevate Summit this week in Los Angeles.

In a series of architecture plans, renderings, and ideas, HPA offered its vision for the design …

BOKA Powell Releases Its Design for Futuristic Uber Skyport

Posted by Lance Murray

BOKA Powell has released its futuristic skyport vision for an urban airport structure in support of UberAIR’s vertical take-off and landing flying taxis.

The Dallas architecture firm is one of several that will offer designs for the skyports that could …

Uber Elevate Unveils Prototype for Flying Taxis That Will Soar Over DFW

Posted by Lance Murray

Uber Elevate unveiled on Tuesday what it wants its flying taxis to look that could be buzzing around Dallas-Fort Worth skies in a few years as part of the UberAIR service.

The prototype designs for the vertical takeoff and landing …

Where ‘Big D’ Stands for Digital

Posted by Dave Moore

Presented by The Dallas Regional Chamber

As consumers and business professionals have found computers and smartphones to be essential for the way they live, work, and play, the scuffle among companies to land on home screens has intensified.

Since July …

Uber, NASA Partner on Ways to Make Flying Cars Safe Over U.S. Cities

Posted by Lance Murray

Ride-sharing startup Uber Technologies Inc. and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have signed an agreement to develop new traffic concepts that will enable a network of flying cars to safely traverse U.S. cities.

Uber plans to roll out an …

Uber, Airbus To Discuss DFW Flying Cars Initiative at Summit

Posted by Chloe Bennett

Dreams of flying through Dallas in style are getting a lift this month at the Rotorcraft Business & Technology Summit with Uber and Airbus. 

Hosted by Rotor & Wing International, the event will take place Sept. 20-21 at the Omni …

DFW Will Be Test Site for Uber’s Flying Car Initiative

Posted by Heather Noel

Flying cars in Dallas-Fort Worth? It may not just be a pipe dream anymore. 

Uber announced Tuesday that DFW would be a testing site by 2020 for the flying vehicles it’s currently developing in its Elevate initiative, according to D

Uber Hires NASA Engineer to Help Create Flying Cars

Posted by Julia Falcon

The popular ride-hailing service Uber hired NASA advanced aircraft engineer Mark Moore to work on Uber Elevate, the company’s new flying car initiative. 

Moore will be the company’s director of engineering for aviation and help with its vertical take-off …