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Bouncie Introduces Speed Bands Feature to Enhance Safety

Posted by Lance Murray

Addison-based Bouncie has released a new app feature that it said will help drivers be smarter and safer during a trip by knowing how fast they are traveling at various points in the journey.

Called Speed Bands, the feature displays

AT&T Smart Cities Moves Into Infrastructure Safety With New Monitoring System

Posted by Lance Murray

Dallas-based AT&T Inc. is ready to deliver Smarts Cities technology that can remotely monitor structural and environmental factors affecting the safety of roadways and infrastructure that are aging or in disrepair.

“Safety is a top concern of citizens and cities …

Texas’ First Smart City Traffic Signal System Coming in May

Posted by Dave Moore

smart citiesSystems are “go” for a mid-May launch of Texas’ first Smart City system that will allow drivers to anticipate stop lights, and tell them how long they’ll have to wait for them to change.

Highway engineers got a firsthand peek …

Plano Company Offers Visual
Reminder for Traffic Safety

Posted by Heather Noel

Frank Rosello can trace his Plano company to a few words scrawled in Sharpie on a rear-view mirror.

“Don’t text and drive,” it read.

Rosello’s friend and business partner, Paul Marcus, saw the message when another friend gave him a …