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Bouncie Introduces Speed Bands Feature to Enhance Safety

by | Feb 6, 2018
The new feature from the Addison startup displays color-coded indicators that show the full range of speeds a vehicle travels during trips.
AT&T Smart Cities Moves Into Infrastructure Safety With New Monitoring System
by | Jan 11, 2018
Selected infrastructure around the country will be equipped with AT&T LTE-enabled sensors to remotely monitor their structural integrity.
smart city
Texas’ First Smart City Traffic Signal System Coming in May
by | Apr 25, 2017
The city of Frisco is planning to launch the state's first Smart City system connecting drivers with traffic signal information.
traffic safety
Plano Company Offers Visual
Reminder for Traffic Safety
by | Mar 15, 2017
Reflection Band recently launched an e-commerce store. It's poised to grow production by 300 percent this year.