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SMU Researchers Among Team Using Video Game Tech to Fight Cancer in Africa

by | Jul 26, 2019
The team's virtual reality simulation places novice surgeons inside a surgical theater in Zambia to learn the intricacies of performing a hysterectomy to battle cervical cancer.
SMU-LIFT Game Design Team Wins $2.5M in Adult Literacy XPRIZE Competition
by | Feb 11, 2019
SMU-LIFT's People ForWords, a game design team focused on promoting literacy, won $2.5M for its app, 'Codex: The Lost Words of Atlantis,' which helps tackle the pressing problem of adult illiteracy in North Texas and beyond.
Inaugural Esports Event OP Live Changes the Game for Dallas
by | Sep 20, 2018
SMU Guildhall and eGency Global have teamed up to present the first-ever Dallas esports event, coming this weekend.
SMU, LIFT Team Moving On in $7M Literacy XPRIZE Contest
by | Jun 22, 2018
For reaching this stage of the contest, the Dallas team will receive $100,000 and will be recognized Saturday at the American Library Association Annual Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans.

The Creatives:
Rise of the Makers

by | Jan 11, 2018
From unprecedented inventions to never-before-considered concepts, our region is fostering the ascension of businesses born by artists, artisans, and creators.
SMU Guildhall to Launch Gaming Tech to Fight Disease
by | Dec 20, 2017
During the online-only launch event from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, four popular Minecraft streamers will play live online at, and viewers can participate.
Dallas Team 1 of 8 Moving on in Literacy XPRIZE Contest
by | Jul 19, 2017
PeopleForWords — made up of members from Southern Methodist University and Dallas-based Literacy Instruction for Texas — was selected from 109 teams.
Corey Clark
SMU Researchers, Gamers Partner on Cancer Research
by | Jun 5, 2017
Adding the processor power of the network of "Minecraft" gamers could double the amount of computer power devoted to the SMU research project.

SMU, LIFT Team Up on App to Unlock Literacy & $3M Prize

by | Nov 7, 2016
In Dallas County, Literacy Instruction for Texas estimates more than one million or one-third of the county’s population in 2030 will be illiterate.