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Edge tensor

Distracted Driving: EdgeTensor’s AI Tech Keeps Drivers on the Alert

by | Sep 18, 2018
The “edge” in EdgeTensor comes from its use of Edge computing to drive the Dallas-based startup's technology.
EasyMile TransDev
Autonomous Transit: Arlington Glimpses the Future, Like ‘Uber with Robots’
by | Feb 3, 2017
Alliance for Transportation Innovation allowed people to try out the driverless EasyMile shuttle during its Thursday stop in North Texas.
SMU Students Taking Wireless Vehicle Tech to the Streets
by | Jan 18, 2017
Researchers at Southern Methodist University are putting many Smart Car/Smart City theories to real-world tests.
smart car
Frisco Becomes 1st Inland Proving Ground For Smart Car Tech
by | Dec 26, 2016
The test involved 2017 model Audis that could communicate with the city's infrastructure.