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Distracted Driving: EdgeTensor’s AI Tech Keeps Drivers on the Alert

Posted by David Kirkpatrick

Distracted driving is a major safety issue on U.S. highways, and Dallas-based EdgeTensor Technologies is bringing artificial intelligence technology out of the cloud and behind the steering wheel to monitor drivers. The technology, originally developed for autonomous vehicles, detects distracted

Autonomous Transit: Arlington Glimpses the Future, Like ‘Uber with Robots’

Posted by Dave Moore

smart citiesWith Six Flags Over Texas to his back, and the homes of the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys on either side, what in the name of Arlington, Texas, was Ron Reynolds doing waiting in line in a parking lot …

SMU Students Taking Wireless Vehicle Tech to the Streets

Posted by Dave Moore

smart citiesIn urban areas, trips by cars and trucks are often unpleasant (and all-too-familiar) adventures in avoiding accidents, potholes, construction zones, and other drivers.

Researchers at Southern Methodist University are developing technologies that allow vehicles, traffic signals, and even construction signs …

Frisco Becomes 1st Inland Proving Ground For Smart Car Tech

Posted by Dave Moore

smart citiesThe Smart Cars have landed. On Nov. 9, Frisco became the first U.S. city outside the San Francisco Bay area to test Smart Car technology on public streets — a four-mile loop on Frisco’s south side, north of Stonebriar Centre.…