Dallas’ Esposure Teams Up with Cryptomining Startup Salad to Help Gamers Earn Rewards By Computesharing

by | Sep 29, 2021
If you think that headline is a lot to chew on, you've got the right idea. Esposure wants to help Salad nibble on computing time from gamers everywhere, by training users how to turn their idle PCs into cryptomining computers through distributed computing. Redeemable rewards are the dessert.
Meet Sally: A New Salad-Making Robot Has Landed in Dallas
by | Oct 31, 2018
Sally, the world's first fresh-food making robot, can create customized salads in under two minutes. She's now available in Dallas at cafeterias in Lockheed Martin and Alcon Labs.
It’s a Year-Round Produce Harvest at Eden Green Technology in Cleburne
by | Jun 28, 2018
The company showed off its state-of-the-art, 44,000-square-foot facility in Cleburne where there’s row after row of 18-foot stalks, each with 36 plants growing from floor to ceiling.