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Discovery: Global Warming Link, Enlarged Aortas in Ex-NFL Players & Texas “Wild Places”

Posted by Lance Murray


Whats new, next, and reimagined in Dallas-Fort Worth ResearchResearchers at Southern Methodist University in Dallas examined fossil leaves from Ethiopia to determine that a link between carbon dioxide and global warming existed 22 million years ago.

The research will help scientists …

Discovery: PTSD Treatment, Ancient Humans, Breast Cancer & $12M for Pediatric Research

Posted by Lance Murray


At least 34,000 years ago, human hunter-gatherer groups minimized inbreeding by developing sophisticated social and mating networks.

David Meltzer

That’s according to a new study conducted by an international team of academics …

Discovery: Facial Recognition, Big Leaves, Journalism & Tech

Posted by Lance Murray


Facial recognition is becoming omnipresent in our society, particularly in security and law enforcement, and the tech sector is looking for more ways to capitalize on and improve the technology.

Vassilis Athitsos,

SMU Researchers Find
West Virginia Geothermal Spots

Posted by Amy Wolff Sorter

The state of West Virginia has been home to coal-driven energy for nearly two centuries. Now, there could be another energy source directly under the Mountain State’s surface discovered by researchers at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

The researchers, …

Computer Model Predicts Most Deadly Lung Cancer

Posted by Lance Murray

Researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center have developed a computer model that is able to predict the most deadly lung cancer by evaluating a fraction of the more than 900 differences in shape and structure of cancer cells.

The …

Humans Could Benefit from Songbird Brain Research

Posted by Lance Murray

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute are using songbirds to “watch” how the brain learns.

By mapping the the neural processes involved as zebra finches learn mating songs, the scientists hope they will be able …

UTD Team Creates Tiny, More Affordable Atomic Force Microscope

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

Atomic force microscopes that can detail materials at the molecular level are often bulky, large, and impractical.

But engineers at The University of Texas at Dallas have shrunk the device to the size of a dime, or about 1 square …

UTSW Ups Fight Against Cancer With New Funding

Posted by Nicholas Sakelaris

UT Southwestern Medical Center racked up more funding to further cancer research and attract new researchers.

The Dallas medical center recently received $5.8 million from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas which will help it progress studies on …

3 Things: Students Use Skills to Make Mosaic Bench

Posted by Julia Falcon

Dallas architecture students made their mark on a local park, the CDC is encouraging alternatives to drug therapy, and a movie theater chain has moved headquarters to North Texas.


The Dallas ISD school began the installation project in the fall

Essilor Researchers are Looking Out for Our Eyes

Posted by Dan Koller

If you’re reading this through a pair of glasses, there’s a better-than-zero chance your lenses were manufactured by Essilor. But there’s an equally good chance you’ve never heard of Essilor, much less noticed the French company’s U.S. headquarters along …