Fort Worth’s Rainwater Charitable Foundation Partners on $2M in Grants To Fund Research on Neurodegenerative Disorders

by | Jul 10, 2024
The grants came out of a workshop for researchers with a focus on Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Frontotemporal Dementias (FTDs), part of a class of debilitating neurodegenerative diseases that may shorten a person's lifespan, and for which no current treatments exist.
UTSW Partners on Study That Could Lead to Earlier Detection of Ovarian Cancer
by | Jun 17, 2024
Researchers at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and UT Southwestern analyzed T-cell receptors in nearly 500 blood samples from pre-diagnostic patients with ovarian cancer. The results point to the potential of testing for biomarkers 2 to 4 years before most cases of HGOC are currently diagnosed.
Inspired by Superman’s X‑Ray Vision, UTD Researchers Partner on Breakthrough Chip for Cell Phones
by | Jun 10, 2024
UT Dallas said that cellphones using the technology might one day be used to find studs, wooden beams, or wiring behind walls; cracks in pipes; or outlines of contents in envelopes and packages. The tech—based on technology nearly two decades in the making—could have medical applications as well.

SMU Chemist, Colleagues Develop Machine Learning Model To Help Study Stardust and Atomic Interactions

by | Mar 14, 2024
The researchers developed a novel model called ANI-1xnr that's suitable for a broad range of reactive chemistry without costly refitting—a major drawback of the MLIPs currently in use, SMU said.
Backed by $1.6M DHA Grant, UT Dallas Neuroscientist Works To Improve Word Retrieval in MS Patients
by | Jan 22, 2024
In 1985, Dr. John Hart Jr. established that the brain stores knowledge by categories. Now his team in the UTD Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory of Memory and Language has pinpointed patterns of brain activity that appear crucial for word retrieval.
UTSW Professor to Receive O’Donnell Award in Biological Sciences
by | Jan 15, 2024
Molecular biologist Vincent Tagliabracci, who was named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator in 2021, will be honored by the Texas Academy of Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology for his groundbreaking work on so-called zombie enzymes.
UTSW Researchers Develop Device that Keeps Brain Alive Independent of Body
by | Nov 20, 2023
The research could lead to new ways to study the human brain without influence from other bodily functions. Also, it could inform the design of machines for cardiopulmonary bypass that better replicate natural blood flow to the brain.

Research Bridge Partners and Lyda Hill Philanthropies Fuel UT Southwestern’s Biotech Spinouts With $4 Million Investment

by | Apr 20, 2023
The initial investment will support the commercialization of life science research, including identifying researchers with entrepreneurial mindsets, safeguarding intellectual property, and recruiting key executives.
UTSW Researchers’ Discovery About Gut Bacteria May Improve Cancer Treatments
by | Mar 9, 2023
The researchers discovered how healthy bacteria can escape the intestine, travel to lymph nodes and cancerous tumors elsewhere in the body, and boost the effectiveness of certain immunotherapy drugs. “Now we understand that mechanism much better and, in the future, hope to use this knowledge to better fight cancer," said UT Southwestern's Andrew Y. Koh, M.D.
UTSW Researchers Discover Liver Hormone Helps Drunk Mice Sober Up Quicker
by | Mar 7, 2023

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas have discovered that could lead to an effective treatment for acute alcohol intoxications.

The researchers reported in a new study that a shot of a liver-produced hormone called FGF21 sobered up mice that had passed out from alcohol....

UTSW Researchers Find Autoantibody Linked to Rare Disorder That Destroys Fat
by | Feb 21, 2023
The UT Southwestern researchers discovered the first molecular biomarker for AGL, a rare disorder in which fat deposits are destroyed, causing patients to have dangerously low body fat, signs of accelerated aging, and severe metabolic diseases including diabetes and fatty liver.
Dr. Moon Kim, Louis Beecherl Jr. Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at UT Dallas shown with the research team's bendable electronics. [Images: Courtesy of UTD]

Discovery: UTD Team Develops ‘Bendy’ Micro LEDs That Can Fold, Twist, and Stick to Most Anything

by | Nov 2, 2020
The next-gen electronics could reshape the future of wearable technology.
TWU Biology Team Granted a Patent for Anti-Cancer Compounds That Could Save Lives
by | Oct 15, 2020
The novel invention from researchers at Texas Woman’s University in Denton could greatly contribute to cancer treatment research. The compounds can prevent the growth of breast, lung, and colon cancer cells.
UNT to Advance 3D Printing for Automobiles Through a $1.5M Department of Energy Grant
by | Oct 6, 2020
University of North Texas researchers received more than $400,000 of the $1.5 million grant to develop a 3D printed material equipped with embedded sensors for use in car structures.
Parkland researchers
Front Lines: UTD Researchers Donate Personal Protective Gear for Parkland’s COVID-19 Response
by | Mar 24, 2020
The research staff delivered 72,000 gloves and more to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas for distribution to hospital workers involved in patient care.