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UTSW Researcher Given National Award for Work in Psychiatry

Posted by Heather Noel

UT Southwestern Medical Center researcher Dr. Carol Tamminga has received national recognition from the American Psychiatric Association for her work on developing a new method to classify psychotic illnesses rooted in using biological factors. 

The American Psychiatric Association Award for …

Clips: 60 Seconds to Self-Directed Change

Posted by Dave Montgomery

Dr. Price Pritchett still displays hints of his West Texas roots in the cowboy boots that he wears to his offices on casual Friday. After growing up on a family farm about 80 miles south of Amarillo, Pritchett went on

Trust Issues: UT Dallas Study Examines MMOG Players

Posted by Lance Murray

Who do you trust with your personal information? In an increasingly complex digital world, that’s a big question for people who spend a lot of time on the internet such as players in massively multiplayer online games.

A new study …