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Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation’s New Free App Shows Dallas County Residents Their Risk of COVID-19 Exposure

by | Jan 27, 2021
Dallas' Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation has launched MyPCI App, a cloud-based tool that provides an on-demand personal risk assessment based on your location.
Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation Vulnerability Index Uncovers COVID-19 Risk Factors in Dallas County
by | Jul 1, 2020
PCCI compares COVID-19 response to fire prevention: There's long-term considerations (where to locate a firehouse) and short-term (identifying active fires). Once those are understood, public health actions can be taken.
Call to Action: Parkland’s Innovation Center Writes the Book on Healthcare and Community Collaboration
by | Mar 9, 2020
North Texas is one of the first metros to use a web-based information exchange to generate collaboration between the community’s healthcare and social sectors. Now the pioneering PCCI is sharing its solutions in a new playbook.