Lewisville’s RedCritter Launches AI- and ChatGPT-Powered CritterCoin for Student Tutoring, Engagement, and Rewards

by | May 18, 2023
To support positive schoolroom behavior while making learning fun and (literally) rewarding, RedCritter's new AI- and ChaptGPT-powered product suite enables students to do lots of things. Like interviewing a historical character. Receiving personal tutoring on any topic. Learning a language, learning to code, and more.
Republic National Distributing Launches ‘Powered by Women’ Campaign and NFT Auction
by | Mar 1, 2023
Republic National Distributing, a Grand Prairie-based beverage alcohol distributor, is kicking off Women’s History Month with “Powered by Women,” a campaign honoring female pioneers in the wine and spirits industry. As part of the campaign, scholarship funds will be raised via an NFT auction. Throughout March, Republic will auction off custom-made digital collectibles (including the above) designed by digital artist Chelsy Escalona.
Emerging Trends: Three Futurists Predict The Tech That Comes Next
by | Feb 15, 2023
From AI to human longevity to xTech, North Texas experts George Brody of InfoNet of Things and Anurag Jain of Perot Jain, along with Mike Bechtel of Deloitte, predict a range of emerging technologies set to transform the world in 2023 and beyond.
LG Art Lab Promotes Simple and Secure Digital Artwork Sales Via Hedera Network
by | Jan 18, 2023

Art lovers now have a new simple and secure way to buy curated digital artwork at home with the LG Art Lab on LG Smart TVs with Blade Wallet, the fastest growing wallet on the Richardson-based Hedera Network....


Hedera Will Open-Source Its Hashgraph Code to ‘Capitalize on Growing Demand for Public DLT’

by | Jan 20, 2022
The Hedera Governing Council will buy the IP from Swirlds, a startup co-founded in 2015 by the inventor of the Hashgraph algorithm. Dallas mathematician and computer scientist Leemon Baird created the distributed ledger technology to outperform other protocols in power, security, and speed.  This could be a breakout moment.