Momentous Institute

Salesmanship Club of Dallas Names Longtime Member as President

by | Sep 29, 2023
For over 100 years, the Salesmanship Club of Dallas has been dedicated to strengthening the lives of children and families through Momentous Institute, which provides innovative mental health services, education, and professional training. It's also the host of the THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson, a PGA Tour event.
Teachers at Momentus School, a pre-K to 5th grade school specializing in social emotional health, took their team photo this year with Bitmojis. [Courtesy of Momentous Institute]
Education On Trend: Oak Cliff’s Momentous School Launches Bitmoji Classrooms for Virtual Learning
by | Aug 12, 2020
Teachers at the Momentous Institute's pre-K through fifth-grade laboratory school are creating virtual classrooms complete with Bitmoji avatars to bring life to remote learning. Now two of its teachers have created a playbook for others.
Back to School: How to Weigh the Options for In-Person and Virtual Learning
by | Aug 6, 2020
When there’s no “objectively right or wrong answer,” what’s a parent to do? Dallas medical, mental health, and tech leaders discuss key back-to-school considerations.
UNT Institute

UNT Dallas Launches Institute to Minimize Teacher Turnover Rate

by | Sep 21, 2016
The Emerging Teacher Institute will focus on equipping future teachers with skills to regulate their emotional health.