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The Future of Healthcare: Systematic Mergers and Acquisitions Will Rise, Polsinelli Predicts

by | Jun 2, 2020
The law firm examines the growing trend that programmatic acquirers use in buying and consolidating middle market healthcare businesses in a new white paper.
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Follow the Money: Fossil Sells Smartwatch Tech to Google, Lantern Pharma Raises $535K, Alto Gets $14.5M
You’ll also find news about Frisco Music City, Quest Events, Keurig Dr Pepper, TXV Partners, GreyCampus, VSE Aviation, and more in this roundup of funding, merger, and acquisition activity with ties to North Texas.
Innovation and M+A Disrupt the Future of Health Care to Benefit Patients: Polsinelli White Paper
by | Nov 16, 2018
The rise of consumerism, a shift to out-patient care, a move toward the integrated care continuum, and the use of data analytics in health care are helping shape the future of the medical industry in the Untied States.