lithium-ion batteries

HQ’d in Dallas, Newly Public Solidion Technology Is Using Silicon to Ease EV Drivers’ Range Anxiety

by | Feb 28, 2024
Is the idea of driving an electric vehicle giving you "range anxiety" before you even plug in? Dallas-headquartered Solidion is working to alleviate those concerns. The advanced battery technology solutions provider, which went public on Nasdaq earlier this month, is manufacturing silicon oxide and silicon to help change the game.
Dallas-Based Ecobat to Recycle EV Batteries for Volkswagen Group UK
by | Feb 28, 2024
Ecobat said its relationship with VWG UK dates back to 2014, when it started collecting lead acid batteries for TPS, the Volkswagen Group Genuine Parts provider to the independent motor trade.
Fluor Signs On To Help Create ‘World’s First Industrial-Scale’ Sodium-Ion Battery Production Facility in Sweden
by | Oct 26, 2023
Irving-based Fluor and Altris AB will work to advance a next-gen alternative to lithium-ion batteries, which contain toxic metals and require complex recycling. By contrast, sodium-ion batteries are safer and made mostly of salt, wood, iron, and air. Another big plus: Sodium is 500 times more abundant than lithium.
Toyota’s New Electric Vehicles to Be Powered by LG Energy Solution Batteries Made in the U.S.
by | Oct 5, 2023
As the auto industry charges toward an electric future, Toyota and LG Energy Solutions have joined forces to drive the future growth of battery electric vehicles in the United States.

Irving’s Alkegen Launches Commercial Production of Groundbreaking Silicon Battery Anode Material

by | Mar 22, 2023
Alkegen, a maker of specialty materials, said its new SiFAB production line is an extension of the company's established large-scale manufacturing facility in Indiana. Featuring micron-sized silicon fiber, SiFAB is enabling Alkegen "to meet growing demand from customers across a wide range of industries, including electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and consumer electronics,” CEO John Dandolph says.
Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Production Line Opens in McKinney, Aims to Bolster Texas Supply Chain
by | Oct 25, 2022
McKinney's Wistron GreenTech has partnered with New Jersey-based Princeton NuEnergy on a lithium-Ion battery direct recycling pilot production line, which officially opened in McKinney today. PNE founder Dr. Yan Chao calls it a "powerful next step" in a vision for covering a nationwide close-loop recycling supply chain for the batteries.

The line will use PNE's patented process to recycle everything from phone batteries to full EV battery packs.
Plano-Based Toyota North America Will Build a $1.29B Battery Plant in the U.S. Could it Be Coming to Texas?
by | Oct 18, 2021
The battery plant is part of a $3.4B investment Toyota announced today toward developing and localizing automotive battery production in the U.S.—including lithium-ion batteries for EVs.