Dallas’ VizSense Announces CEO Transition Following Partnership

by | Nov 20, 2023

RazHer Collaborative founder and CEO Kristen Standish has been named chief executive officer of Dallas-based VizSense, an AI-driven consumer insights company that focuses on influencer solutions, as part of a partnership with RazHer, a women-owned, full-service marketing agency for BIPOC-founded and mission-driven brands.

“This is truly a game changer for RazHer’s clients and influencer marketing as a whole,” Standish said....

The Last Word: Amber Venz Box on Adding Virtual Storefront Checkout to the LTK App
Today Bloomberg reported that LTK is now allowing users to buy from influencer-curated virtual storefronts on LTK's app. Box's company has added in-app checkout to leverage the fact that influencers use the platform to make their videos and photos "shoppable."
Dallas-Based rewardStyle Expands Its Billion-Dollar App With Video Shopping
by | Sep 10, 2020
The influencer-driven app is rewardStyle's fastest-growing product. 5,000 retailers—from Chanel to Walmart and Adidas to Ulta—were integrated in the new LTK Shopping Video feature at launch.