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The Napkin Startup from Idea to Launch

Posted by Jeremy Vickers

Most of us have heard the classic story of the genius entrepreneur who sketches out the perfect idea on the back of a napkin in front of an investor before launching the world’s most successful business. This is the napkin …

Dallas Fort-Worth: A Call To Innovate

Posted by Trey Bowles

The term “innovation” is often thrown around, a catchall term used to fill in a gap. If something is different or new or controversial or expensive, or if we don’t have another buzzword to use, we call it innovative, and …

Education: State of Innovation in Dallas-Fort Worth

Posted by Patrick Kobler

Welcome to the content hub for education news and commentary, featuring topics that range from lower education to higher education, research and faculty and student highlights. Here’s an overview of where we stand in education innovation leading into 2016. 

Dallas …

New High School Follows One-Size-Fits-One Model

Posted by Patrick Kobler

In July 2014, Sarah Ritsema and Courtney Egelston sat down at a six-foot picnic table and began to build a foundation for the Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA), Dallas ISD’s new choice school that delivers an individualized education …