iC3 Life Science Summit

Dr. Venu Varanasi, pictured in his lab,an associate professor and lab director at UT Arlington, won the pitch competition.

UT Arlington Researcher Takes Home Pitch Competition Prize for Bone Regeneration Work

by | Sep 26, 2022
After a rigorous process, the top six applications to the Tech Transfer Office Showcase at BioNTX's iC3 life science summit were invited to pitch live at BioNTX's life science summit. Industry experts rated, graded, and discussed the technologies prior to the pitches "We want to cultivate technologies that are coming out of the university ecosystem here—and we want them to stay here," said Chad Ronholdt, managing director at NVB Ventures.
Life Science Is Booming in Dallas-Fort Worth. The BioNTX iC3 Summit Is the Place to Connect
The summit is an innovation multiplier for capital, collaboration, and commercialization. Plus, you can meet 2021 NTX Rising Stars—and the new companies moving to BioLabs at Pegasus Park.

Here's an updated agenda for the annual iC3 Life Science Summit on September 30 and October 1.
BionorthTX Names Pharma Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist as Stone Award Recipient
by | Sep 9, 2019
Among the contributions of recipient Paul Dorman, the chairman and CEO of DFB Pharmaceuticals, is paying for the first-year tuition of the entire inaugural class of M.D. students at the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine in Fort Worth.
Life Science Experts to Converge at bionorthTX Fourth Annual iC3 Life Science Summit Oct. 10
by | Sep 24, 2018
The recipient of the Dennis K. Stone Life Science Achievement Award has not yet been announced.
iC3 2017 BionorthTX summit: Clockwise, from left: Eric Olson, Tony Johnson, Ignacio Nunez, Frank Rosinia, Jon Weidanz, Kevin Nelson.

iC3 Summit: Life Science Leaders Talk Product Placement, Entrepreneurship & More

by | Oct 13, 2017
BionorthTX's annual summit brought industry leaders together to discuss the future of health care and impact of new technology.
bionorthTX iC3 life sciences summit 2017
Life Science Experts to Converge at bionorthTX Third Annual iC3 Life Science Summit Oct. 12
by | Oct 4, 2017
Lyda Hill announced as recipient of the Dennis K. Stone Life Science Achievement Award
genetic sequencing
Biotechnology Experts Converge at 2nd Annual IC3 Life Science Summit
by | Oct 27, 2016
Advances in technology are revolutionizing healthcare, changing the entire business model for how doctors treat patients.
BionorthTX Welcomes New President, Board Members
by | Oct 4, 2016
The life science industry association has more than 70 North Texas companies and 20 individuals or job seekers within its membership.