Will Dallas-Fort Worth Get Its Own HyperLoop or Bullet Train Line? Open Houses Take Us One Step Closer

by | Oct 14, 2021
A transportation study team is exploring a potential high-speed Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth rail line along the I-30 corridor. The North Central Texas Council of Governments is holding open house presentations on the project—which could ultimately lead to a bullet train or hyperloop whizzing us between the cities.
Meet AECOM’s Dev Rastogi, the Local Exec Spearheading Infrastructure Projects That Could Redefine Transportation
by | Feb 23, 2021
To Rastogi, a high speed rail and the Texas Hyperloop aren’t the only exciting transportation technologies on the horizon. The VP at AECOM is part of gamechanging ideas—like electrifying roadways and automated/connected vehicles—that could soon transform our day-to-day lives.
Virgin Hyperloop One’s Pod Road Show is Making a Stop at AT&T Stadium
by | Aug 7, 2019
A hyperloop pod some day may traverse the corridor between Dallas and Fort Worth in six minutes at 360 mph. Don't miss out on seeing what could be the future of transportation when it stops in North Texas tomorrow.
DFW Transportation Group Says it’s Exploring Hyperloop as Option to Connect Area Cities
by | Jul 11, 2018
The Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Transportation Council will seek proposals later this year for a Tier 2 Environmental Impact Statement for the high-speed corridor connecting Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth.
A rendering of the Hyperloop One station shown in a slide presentation by Steven Duong earlier this month.

Q+A: Dallas-led AECOM Group Named Winner in Hyperloop Contest

by | Sep 15, 2017
The team's route connecting Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Laredo was named one of 10 viable options to explore by Hyperloop One.
Hyperloop in Texas?
Dallas-led AECOM Group is Making the Case
by | Apr 5, 2017
The Hyperloop Texas team is one of 35 semifinalists proposing routes for the high-speed transportation system in a Hyperloop One contest.