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HKS and the LINE team designed the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis to reflect the culture, climate and context of its city — drawing inspiration from ice formations on nearby St. Anthony’s Falls and Scandinavian design such as Viking longboats. [Image: HKS]

Building With Data: How HKS’ LINE Innovation Team Drives Change Using Algorithms, Creativity, Nature

by | Oct 30, 2018
Dallas-based HKS' LINE — short for "Laboratory for INtense Exploration" — is a collection of researchers, designers, and architects who solve design puzzles and test theories that lead to real world solutions.
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Experts from CBRE, Blackard Global, PegususAblon, and others discuss the trends that are shaping the built environment.
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Architecture, Design: What Does the Future Hold?
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Community and community-building, coworking, and amenities will be foundations for what is ahead in real estate.
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How DFW is a Leader
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by | Nov 21, 2016
Dallas-Fort Worth designers and developers are leading the industry through a tsunami of change.