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How the C1 Innovation Lab Landed in Dallas’ West End

Posted by Dave Moore

Sometimes, the answer to a riddle materializes before your eyes.

Such was the case with Dr. Dan McCoy, who, along with his colleagues at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, had been wrestling for years with the challenges of reducing …

Highland Park ISD Names Leader of New Innovation Institute

Posted by Julia Falcon

Highland Park ISD has named an executive director for its new Moody Innovation Institute. 

Dr. Geoffrey Orsak, the former dean of Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University, will be the first leader of the forthcoming institute focused on …

North Texas Now Has Three Carnegie Research 1 Institutions

Posted by Geoffrey Orsak

It has been a long-standing ambition for North Texas to be home to a world-renowned comprehensive research university. Our internationally recognized medical school with its six Nobel Prize winners passed this threshold years ago; but our traditional universities have struggled …

Finding the Innovation Zone

Posted by Geoffrey Orsak

North Texas is home to some of the most important and influential businesses on the globe, the envy of even the most high-tech communities. From energy, telecommunications, and consumer goods to aerospace, industrial/manufacturing, and life sciences, we seem to have …