UT Dallas Researchers Develop a New Cybersecurity Tool That Actually Welcomes Hackers

by | Feb 28, 2020
The deception technology method uses a decoy site that lets in intruders to learn from their tactics. Then, artificial intelligence is improved, and computers are better able to detect and stop cyber attacks.
Business as Mutual: Leaders Give Insight on How Collaboration + Innovation Happens in DFW
This wide-ranging discussion covered how to foster collaboration, the role of technology, and many examples of DFW coming together to improve business, create social change, and simply make a positive impact on the region.
race cars
Digitized Race Cars: Plano’s Siemens PLM Software Joins Team Penske
by | Feb 28, 2018
The company will create digital twins of Team Penske's race cars allowing engineers to try out design concepts virtually to streamline designs and speed results.
The New Frontiers:
DFW Companies Leading the Charge
by | Jan 26, 2018
Gartner has announced the top tech trends for 2018. Here’s a quick glance at the Dallas-Fort Worth companies leading the charge in each arena.