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A Look At Dallas’ Rise As a Neurostimulation Hub

Posted by Will Rosellini

Elon Musk recently proclaimed that brain implants capable of enabling telepathy are just around the corner.

While as exciting as that sounds, the reality is that bioelectronic implants that makes us healthier, stronger, and smarter truly are at our …

Frito-Lay Parent Orders New Tesla Semi Electric Trucks

Posted by Lance Murray

Doritos, Fritos, and Lays potato chips will be quietly whizzing their way to stores near you in the future, after the parent company of Plano-based Frito-Lay Inc. reserved 100 of Tesla Inc.’s new electric Semi trucks.

It’s all a part …

Hyperloop in Texas?
Dallas-led AECOM Group is Making the Case

Posted by Heather Noel

Imagine getting from Dallas to Austin in 15 minutes or Dallas to Houston in 30 minutes.

That’s the promised commute time for a futuristic mode of travel called Hyperloop and a Dallas-led group of engineers, architects, economists, and urban planners …