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Why This Global ATM Giant More Than Doubled Its Footprint Near DFW Airport

by | Jun 3, 2024
South Korea-based Hyosung has been a leader in ATM hardware, software, and services in America since entering the U.S. market in 1998. Its new production, warehouse, and storage facility is 66% larger than Hyosung’s prior facilities and aims to help meet its customers' "evolving needs."
The Last Word: DFW Airport’s Paul Puopolo on Offering Air Taxi Services by Early 2026
by | Mar 18, 2024
Puopolo told Cities Today that leaders at DFW Airport have "identified a location and are developing our strategy" for moving air taxis forward—and upward—in the region. 
The Last Word: DFW Airport’s Milton De La Paz on How Qartar Cargo Flies In 12 Tons of Fresh-Cut Flowers Each Week
by | Feb 13, 2024
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport worked with Qatar Cargo to launch a special cargo operation last spring to make sure Texans got fresh-cut flowers "that are hours old instead of days." The special cargo flight flies in around 12 tons of fresh-cut flowers from Bogota, Colombia, each week. Once they land, they're raced across the state to florists, distribution centers, and supermarkets.
North Texas IT Excellence: DallasCISO and DallasCIO ORBIE Awards to Honor Top Tech Leaders in Consecutive Events
by | Feb 2, 2024

The ORBIE Awards are set to recognize North Texas’ top information technology talent with back-to-back award events on Feb. 8 and 9. The DallasCISO and DallasCIO ORBIE Awards events will spotlight chief information security officers (CISOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) driving innovation and shaping the digital landscape at major North Texas organizations....


Joby, NASA Simulation Demonstrates Up To 120 DFW Air Taxi Operations Per Hour

by | Dec 21, 2023
During simulations at NASA’s FutureFlight Central, air taxi operations were simulated buzzing around the busy, complex Dallas-Fort Worth airspace. Joby and NASA's goal: evaluating how this next-gen traffic can be integrated into today’s airspace using existing air traffic control tools and procedures.
DFW Airport Unveils Updated Renderings of Terminals C and F at ‘State of the Airport’ Event
by | Oct 3, 2023
In a 2023 "State of the Airport" presentation, DFW Airport said it contributes an estimated $38 billion in direct and indirect payroll support, $24 billion in visitor spending, and about $5 billion in state and local tax revenue each year. The airport also unveiled new renderings of Terminal F and upgrades for Terminal C.
The Last Word: UTA’s Meghna Tare On How to Solve Big Problems, Like Turning DFW Airport Into a Zero-Waste Zone
by | Aug 16, 2023
So how do you start in approaching big problems? Tare says it's all about the basics: "You start from the very basics and think about data collection. What you measure now, you need to measure again in the future to see if there’s a trend line."
Straddling Worlds: How Lynne Faust Balances a Thriving Life Science Career With Her Love for Equestrian Sports in Dallas-Fort Worth
Organic chemist Lynne Faust is a master at helping companies accelerate drug development at STA Pharmaceuticals, a top-tier contract research and development manufacturer. A move to Weatherford, 25 miles west of Fort Worth, didn't just catalyze her career—it also spurred on her long-time passion for competitive horseback riding, making her life a unique mix of test tubes and trotting.

The Small & Big of It: Mobile EV Charging Demos at DFW Airport

by | Jun 6, 2023
From a cute rolling robot to a hulking DC fast charger that can juice up to five EVs at a time, check out the next-gen mobile EV charging solutions being demonstrated during two weeks in June at DFW Airport.
Design Unveiled for DFW Airport’s Terminal D Extension
Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is getting a new extension for Terminal D—one that gives the international terminal an even greater feeling of spaciousness and runway vistas while delivering energy-saving technology through the use of View Dynamic Glass. See some views of the extension's fresh modern look, designed by luis vidal + architects in association with HarrisonKornberg Architects and Arup.
First-Ever Toys’R’Us Airport Store To Open at DFW Airport
by | May 16, 2023
If you're walking through Terminal A at DFW Airport this coming holiday season—and a kid is with you—get ready to have your arm pulled out of its socket.
DFW Airport To Demo Next-Gen EV Charging Solutions for Employees, Public
A series of five EV charging demonstrations will be offered from May through August at various customer parking lots across DFW Airport, hosted by the airport’s Innovation and Planning teams in partnership with consultant STV. The demos will offer the chance to test next-gen EV charging solutions—such as autonomous robotic wireless charging, on-demand charging, and apps that enable charging control from anywhere on earth.

DFW Airport Gets $35M DOT Grant for Central Utilities Plant, Terminal D Energy Enhancements

by | Mar 13, 2023
The electric Central Utilities Plant will run on 100% renewable electricity, aiding DFW AIrport in its goal to be carbon net zero by 2030. Energy enhancements to Terminal D will include smart glass, sensors, high-efficiency HVAC, eco-friendly roofing, and passenger boarding bridges with advanced controls for use in DFW’s digital twin program.
DFW Airport Ranked No. 4 in List of Best Airport Lounges in U.S.
by | Mar 7, 2023
A new study by Upgraded Points looked into which U.S. airports offer the best lounges, and out of 50 airports, North Texas' own Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport ranked No. 4. "Airport lounges used to be thought of as exclusive places for elite flyers," said Upgraded Points Founder Alex Miller. "But over the last several years these lounges have become a popular attraction for all types of travelers, particularly those dealing with layovers and flight cancellations."
The Last Word: PS’ Amina Porter on $5K a Year Chauffeur-to-Plane Terminal Coming to DFW Airport
by | Mar 3, 2023
PS—formerly known as Private Suite—plans to operate a private 12,200-square-foot terminal at DFW Airport served by a fleet of luxury, chauffeur-driven BMWs. Deep-pocketed travelers who pay close to $5,000 a year for an all-access membership (plus more high-dollar extras) will avoid public terminals and go straight to PS DFW. There, a swanky "salon" and private suites will await them, along with cocktails and bites.
TSA to Expand Facial Recognition Tested in DFW to Airports Across America
by | Dec 6, 2022
In June, American Airlines launched Mobile ID at DFW Airport, enabling customers enrolled in TSA PreCheck to “breeze through the airport with just their phone and their face.” The TSA has since expanded the use of facial recognition technology to 16 airports—and it now plans to roll out the optional service to airports across the U.S. in 2023, according to the Washington Post.