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Will That Antidepressant Help? UT Southwestern Scientists Create AI Computer to Predict What Works

by | Feb 13, 2020
Up to two-thirds of depression patients do not respond to their first treatment. That's why UTSW researchers are working to eliminate antidepressant trial and error based on a patient’s brain activity.
Fort Worth-Based Aviation Firm Offers Turn-by-Turn Directions—for Pilots
by | Nov 1, 2018
There's an app for that. Aviation Mobile Apps has pilot solutions for flight calculations, aviation weather alerts, converting numbers, or flying the 'perfect' holding pattern — the company's latest patent-pending solution.
Taking Flight: Hackathon Tackles Business of Airplane Parts
by | Dec 13, 2017
Hackers will vie for $6,000 in total prize money at The Study Innovation Center in Irving.
Dr. Guanghua and Dr, Xin Luo
Computer Model Predicts Most Deadly Lung Cancer
by | Mar 28, 2017
UTSW researchers' computer model can make predictions based on a fraction of the more than 900 differences in shape and structure of cancer cells.