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Computer Model Predicts Most Deadly Lung Cancer

Posted by Lance Murray

Researchers at the UT Southwestern Medical Center have developed a computer model that is able to predict the most deadly lung cancer by evaluating a fraction of the more than 900 differences in shape and structure of cancer cells.

The …

Halt and Catch Fire: Chips, Bytes,
and Dallas’ Place in History

Posted by Lance Murray

The critically-acclaimed AMC television series Halt and Catch Fire is nearing the conclusion of its third season. 

John E. Branch Jr. in his Je Suis, Ergo Sum blog has written an essay that takes a look at Halt and Catch

My Story as a Female Engineer

Posted by Shradha Aiyer

Feb. 21 marked the beginning of National Engineers Week, calling attention to the important role that an engineer plays, and to attracting the next generation to the profession.

In order to celebrate the week, let’s hear directly from the …