City of Anna

The Last Word: Joey Grisham on What’s Driving Anna’s Growth

Bordered by Sherman to the north—a city that recently landed a new $5 billion GlobalWafers silicon wafer plant after breaking ground on what could be $30 billion worth of TI chip plants—and the booming center of Dallas-Fort Worth to the south, the city of Anna looks to be primed for growth.
Marine Vet Creates Evacuation Tech To Light Up ‘Pathways To Safety’ in an Emergency
by | Jun 21, 2022
Go-To-Green's patented audio-visual system can detect both the sound of a fired gunshot and the pressure change made by a bullet in the air. The system lights up to direct people to the safest exit—and tracks the source of shots.

In North Texas, the system is currently being installed in Anna's city hall, and talks are underway with three school systems and a grocery chain, the startup's CEO told us.