Brad Nolan

Hyosung America Announces New Brand Identity ‘Innovue’ to Reframe its Story

by | Jan 31, 2023
The Irving-based maker of ATM technology said that Innovue is a statement rooted in both innovation and vision, reinforcing the company’s commitment to making great human experiences. "Our company has a long history of harnessing its unique combination of a manufacturer’s soul with an innovator’s mindset to build a platform of ATM and cash-management solutions,” CEO Sanghwan Kweon said.
Irving-Based Hyosung America Launches ATMs for the Future in Cash, Crypto, Gaming, and More
Think ATMs are just for spitting out twenties? Check out the new machines from Irving-based Hyosung America. They offer everything from immersive touchscreens to modular "sidecars," enabling people to buy cryptocurrency; make cash payments; and use cash in/cash out features for gaming and more. What about NFC readers, barcode scanners, and "ticket-in and ticket-out features"? Hyosung has those covered too.