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5G Whiz: AT&T Works With Robotics Firm to Accelerate Retail Automation Beyond Wi-Fi

by | Aug 1, 2019
The robots will help retailers recognize out-of-stock, mispriced, or misplaced inventory, as well as potential store hazards.
jobs Steve Case AOL founder
Steve Case at Rise of the Rest in Dallas: Investors Should Focus on Why it Will Work
by | May 8, 2018
The AOL co-founder's traveling tour, designed to spur more growth in entrepreneurial ecosystems around the nation, made its first 2018 stop in Dallas Monday. Steve Case encouraged attendees to "seize the moment," and get engaged with helping local startups.
The New Frontiers:
DFW Companies Leading the Charge
by | Jan 26, 2018
Gartner has announced the top tech trends for 2018. Here’s a quick glance at the Dallas-Fort Worth companies leading the charge in each arena.
Smarter, Stronger, Savvier:
5 Companies Pushing Innovation Boundaries
by | Jan 10, 2018
From Dallas to Plano, large corporations are using technology to change how they serve customers and outplay competition.
capital fund

AT&T Announces $200M Venture Capital Fund Investment

by | Jul 6, 2017
The fund is intended to help AT&T find solutions to some of the toughest technology issues facing the nation.
Camden Krupala,
AT&T Intern Designs Health Station to Monitor Aging Patients
by | Jun 13, 2017
Resembling an open, single-person photo booth, the Connected Health Station collects data such as weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and temperature.