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Alexa, Let’s Chat: UT Dallas Is Part of a $500K Global Competition To Teach Amazon’s AI How To Make Small Talk

by | Mar 22, 2021
By creating conversational AI, Alexa could potentially help people who are suffering from anxiety and depression due to loneliness and provide greater accessibility for those who use assistive tech and language translation. Anyone can try out one of the nine teams' socialbots now by telling Amazon's AI, “Alexa, let’s chat.”
Digital Fight Club Pulls No Punches in Sparring Over Tech
by | Aug 2, 2018
The rapid rise of new technology makes life easier, but there’s also concerns about disruption, security, obsolescence, and privacy. Tech experts argued their positions during Digital Dallas' annual event.
Jack Automation Uses Conversational AI to Help Landlords Handle Issues at Their Properties
by | Jul 25, 2018
The technology was developed to revolutionize how landlords manage clogged sinks, broken air conditioners, and other issues that come up.
Varidesk Parent Introduces Alexa-Controlled Lights
by | Dec 4, 2017
Coppell-based Gemmy Industries is an innovator in the area of novelties and animation, and brought the world Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Starbucks Delving into AI with Voice Ordering Feature

by | Feb 1, 2017
The beta test of My Starbucks barista will be available to 1,000 customers nationwide with plans for a continued phased rollout through summer.
Dallas-based Wingstop Offers 1st Menu-specific Ordering Via Alexa
by | Jan 12, 2017
Amazon Alexa prompts users through the ordering process -- no pre-selected favorite order needed.