Should Phone Charging be on a Restaurant’s Menu?

Nomophobiacs have a fear of being without their mobile devices. Are you one?


If you have a fear of being without your mobile device, you may have a condition known as nomophobia.

Yes, there’s a name for it.

And, Nancy Nichols of D Magazine ponders the — obviously so not age-old — question of whether restaurants should provide cell phone charging to patrons if they request it.

At first blush, one might think it rude to take time during a good meal to worry about the battery in your cell phone. After all, what’s more important, eating a good meal or posting a photo of it on Instagram?

On the other hand, Nichols points out restaurants might want to provide the charging service if it means more in-restaurant selfies or photos of their food hitting social media sites. 

You can read more of Nichols article on nomophobia here. You might get a charge out of it.

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