GALLERY | Scenes from Digital Fight Club 2018

For those with FOMO — or who just want to relive it — here's our blow-by-blow visual account of the digital smackdown.

Contenders went toe to toe on a hotbed of technology topics at Wednesday’s Digital Fight Club, the 2018 edition. Ten of Dallas-Fort Worth’s top minds debated unanswered questions in the hottest tech topics. The third Fight Club event brought out a host of innovators, tech types, and digital professionals to savor the battles that took place in five bouts. Each fight was less than 10 minutes, and the audience cast their votes for the winner on a special Fight Club app. 

For those with FOMO (or who just want to relive it), here’s our blow-by-blow visual account of the digital smackdown — from the VIP event to the aftermath. For a recap of the Fights, go here.


Photos by Quincy Preston







Fight No. 1

Elie Finegold of MetaProp vs Daniel Black of Glass Media


Fight No. 2

Chris Ferrel of The Richards Group vs Michelle Hagan, CEO of Tandem Theory

Fight No. 3

James Helms of Intuit vs Jared Zoghby of Accenture Interactive

Fight No. 4

Mark Hopkins of Roger Wilco vs Jamie Chambron of NTT Data

Fight No. 5

Skip Howard of Spacee vs Thierry Hubert, CEO of Darwin Ecosystems





Photos by Quincy Preston

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