Painting With a View: Reunion Tower Takes Art to New Heights

Local business Klarity and Khaos teaches step-by-step painting classes at the Reunion Tower, which is often considered an iconic part of Dallas' history and skyline.

Painting with a View attendees are given the chance to paint the Dallas skyline—but from Reunion Tower’s GeO-deck.

Katie Chaumont, director of communications for Reunion Tower, believes it’s important to use Dallas as a symbol to building relationships with the local business community. North Texas-based Klarity and Khaos is part of establishing this relationship by bringing its Painting with a View classes to the tower.

“We’re able to reach audiences with these other local businesses that have relationships in the community, and it helps us spread the word that the deck is open, it’s a fantastic place to spend the evening. Whether you’re painting or whether you’re coming up and taking in the 360 degree view of Dallas from observation deck,” Chaumont told Dallas Innovates

During an October event, attendees painted the Dallas skyline with a witch flying above it, as multiple artists from Klarity and Khaos led guests through the painting process step-by-step. The event gave guests a fun way to celebrate the spooky season with a Dallas staple and a local business.

[Image: Courtesy Reunion Tower]

The Reunion Tower team is open to working with other local businesses, too.

“We’re not afraid to try something out if we find a local partnership that is a match for us,” Chaumont says. “And if it looks like it’s going to be something that’s mutually beneficial, we’ll try it.” 

Painting with a View attendees at the tower are able to look out on downtown Dallas and the surrounding area from The GeO-Deck.

“It is the only indoor/outdoor observation deck in the area for about 150 to 200 miles, so it is really the only opportunity that people that visit the tower have to see a 360 degree view to see Dallas from a whole new perspective,” Chaumont says. 

Hosting events with local businesses allows the Reunion Tower team to form a deeper connection to their city, as the Reunion Tower is already a beloved icon that has weaved itself into the culture of Dallas.

“The tower means some kind of memory to people that either see it in Dallas every day on their commute, or people that got married here at the tower or engaged (we have about two proposals a day here, believe it or not), or people that grew up in the area, and were one of those people that just grew up seeing it in the background, and remember when they were driving their first car and passed the tower on the highway,” Chaumont says. “So, there’s just a real fondness when people realize that the tower has been in the background of their memories, whether they’re visiting or when they live here as well.” 

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