New Website Aims to Increase Face-to-Face Interaction

While some college students are having fun, others are missing out on the action. Maybe because they are too consumed with their phones. 

The Fear of Missing Out or FOMO, is when people hear about events after they have happened.

Dallas-based aims to alleviate FOMO and tech isolation by enhancing face-to-face relationships, according to Park Cities People.

“Mambo will not only help people avoid that, but [also bring] everything to them in one place and within their specific hobbies or interests.” Mambo creator Deanna Charles told Park Cities People.

Mambo works as an online social engagement platform, allowing members to see local events within or outside of their communities.

“It’s kind of like the Meetups app in that it allows people to find one another [based on] similar interests and to sign up, save, and share,” Charles said.

Users can submit activities on the platform while creating a sort of social calendar, but only after they have purchased a Mambo account.

Charles believes that Mambo will help college kids break away from their phones and gain experiences in the real world as well as give older folks ways to experience more again.

“Nobody is hanging out,” she said. “I’m like, what would work in the digital era to help people be participants and active in their surroundings, and ultimately live? Our kids don’t know who they are when they get to college because they never try things.”


Community-Building Website Aims to Fight Tech Isolation

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