New name, new growth: RevTech Accelerator Becomes RevTech Ventures

The rebranding is aimed at better reflecting RevTech's year-round nature in supporting early-stage startups in the retail sector.

RevTech Ventures

In an effort to emphasize the year-round nature of its work, RevTech Accelerator is changing its name to RevTech Ventures, a venture capital fund that will focus on early-stage investments at the confluence of technology and retail.

“The name change underscores the significant growth and expansion that RevTech Ventures has seen,” RevTech Ventures Managing Director David Matthews said in a release. “We’ve expanded from 12 weeks of annual programming to year-round, mentor-led programming and have built the capacity to invest well beyond preseed stage to early-growth stage as companies in our portfolio develop scale.” 

“The name change underscores the significant growth and expansion that RevTech Ventures has seen.”
David Matthews

David Matthews

David Matthews

In a release, RevTech said the new name will be highlighted Wednesday at RevTech Ventures’ 10th “Tech Trends in Retail” event at Highland Park Theatre in Dallas. 

RevTech Ventures said the rebranding focuses on its year-round offerings with mentor-led content for early-stage companies, including mentor access workshops, and its funding and coworking space. 

RevTech Ventures said its 10th Tech Trends in Retail will showcase the latest in retail and grocery innovation in the pitches from RevTech’s 2018 cohort and an impressive group of grocery innovators.

The event will explore trends such as personalization for diet, wellness, experiential cooking, and supply chain transparency, which are areas that are beginning to be deployed at scale. 

Center for Advancing Retail & Technology founder and CEO Gary Hawkins will be keynote speaker at the event, and he will discuss “Retail Disruption in Real Time,” the impact of innovation across the grocery industry, the transformation that is taking place, and the shift from mass promotion to strategic personalization, RevTech said in the release. 

RevTech Ventures will hold its Tech Trends in Retail event

Tech Trends in Retail Fall 2018 presenting companies are: 

  • Vessel, Dallas – Vessel drives engagement and increases revenue for digital content publishers. Focused on the lifestyle and travel space, Vessel leverages influencer-generated visual content to drive engagement.
  • Xenio, San Francisco, California–Xenio’s precision, real-time indoor positioning levels the playing field for physical stores by enabling brick and mortar retailers to precisely track shoppers’ real-time behavior, tied to their profile, within the store.
  • Feed Me Pronto, Dallas–This eco-friendly retail concept provides nutritional grab-and-go meals for urban city dwellers.
  • GuestX, Dallas–GuestX drives increased ticket sales and share of wallet in tourism, allowing tourist attractions to work together to sell more to each customer via bundling and a comprehensive point-of-sale experience.
  • Engagement Agents, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada–Engagement Agents helps mall-based retailers maximize and monetize their already-paid-for marketing.
  • ShoptoCook, Williamsville, New York–The company is a leader in digital marketing and content management systems for grocery retailers, providing stores with an advertising edge through the use of new and existing technologies.
  • Birdzi, Iselin, New Jersey–Birdzi provides a personalization platform for retailers and brands to connect to the right shoppers and the right time and place, enabling a seamless, personal and smart shopping experience.
  • ScriptSave, Tucson, Arizona–The company helps close the gaps in healthcare prescription coverage, with innovative savings programs for the uninsured and under-insured.
  • Myxx, Cary, North Carolina–Myxx is one of the best recipe solutions on the market and helps answer the question, “What’s for dinner tonight?” by connecting digital, dynamic, personalized recipes to consumers, retailers and brands.  


RevTech Retail Accelerator Selects Quartet of 2018 Cohort Companies

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