Kimberly-Clark, WWF Working to Raise Awareness About Sustainable Forestry

In 2003, Irving-based Kimberly-Clark became the first U.S. tissue company to require suppliers be certified as "providing fiber from responsibly managed sources." Now, it will be the first to launch a packaging campaign to educate about responsibly-sourced products.

Giant panda bear in tree

There is a good reason why you might soon be seeing the World Wildlife Fund panda logo on your Viva paper towels package, your Cottonelle toilet paper wrap, or your Kleenex tissue box.

That logo is the result of a recently-announced partnership between paper goods and personal care company Kimberly-Clark and the WWF. The pandas on the Kimberly-Clark products are meant to increase consumer awareness about the benefits of sustainable forestry, and risks of deforestation.

Irving-based Kimberly-Clark also pledged $4 million to further WWF’s global efforts to conserve the world’s forests.

“Today, we will be the first U.S tissue company to partner with WWF through an on-pack campaign across our well-recognized brands, to help drive even more awareness among consumers of the importance of choosing responsibly sourced tissue products by looking for FSC certification,” said Jay Gottleib, president of family care for Kimberly-Clark North America, in a release. 

One of the WWF’s long-term goals is to ensure zero net deforestation as standard practice for the global forests by 2020. To move in this direction, the WWF’s forestry experts work with companies such as Kimberly-Clark to develop more responsible sourcing policies, to identify and mitigate sourcing risks, and to share best practices that can be applied to other companies and industries.

In 2003, Kimberly-Clark became the first U.S. tissue company to require suppliers be certified as “providing fiber from responsibly managed sources.” The Kleenex, Viva, and Cottonelle brands have been certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards. The company is also a member of WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network.

“Taking these commitments a step further, Kimberly-Clark will work with WWF to bring FSC to the everyday consumer, driving awareness and inspiring action for forest conservation that can yield huge benefits for our planet,” said Kerry Cesareo, vice president for forests at WWF. 

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