Initial Batch From Tech Wildcatters’ ‘Gauntlet’ To Make Pitches Thursday

Tech Wildcatters


When Gabriella Zielke founded Tech Wildcatters, she sought advice from some of the nation’s top accelerators.

Now, they’re coming to her for insight.

“It’s really interesting, that people who I reached out to for help in 2009 when I started Tech Wildcatters, are now coming to me and asking about the new model,” Zielke said.

That new model, which Tech Wildcatters debuted in February, challenges startups to reach certain milestones before receiving funding. It’s no longer a cookie cutter program where every startup is doled the same upfront investment, said Tech Wildcatters chief revenue officer Clarisa Lindenmeyer.

“It’s really taking it to the next level,” Lindenmeyer said. “We are raising a larger fund. Investing in more startups. It’s much more data-driven.”

On Thursday, the first batch of startups who began working through “The Gauntlet,” will present their progress during Tech Wildcatters Throw Down: Spring Pitch Day at the House of Blues in Dallas.

The 11 startups that will pitch during the event have reached at least level 3 of the five-tier program and are all bringing in revenue,  Lindenmeyer said.

Unlike in past, the pitch day won’t neccessarily signal the end of the program for startups.

“Now, it’s just an ongoing thing and this is more of a really cool showoff day as they’re getting through The Gauntlet,” Zielke said.

There will be a meet and greet for accredited investors to chat with the startups beginning at 12:45 p.m. Thursday. Doors will open at 1:30 p.m. for all other attendees and pitches start at 2:15 p.m.

To learn more about the event and reserve a seat, visit

Here’s more information on the presenting startups:

Cyphr, @CyphrApp: Cyphr is an incentive marketing platform that utilizes mobile app technology to inspire loyalty to local businesses with targeted, time sensitive deals.

Dycap Media Solutions, Dycap makes software that automates cameras with built-in motors for filming university courses and live events. Using our software, the Perfect Track, we replace the need for a cameraman, lowering cost and reducing human error.

FastVisa, FastVisa is an immigration preparation service company. It makes U.S. immigration and Visa processes easier, faster, and more affordable.

La Gioia, @LaGioiaUniforms: La Gioia delivers exclusive designer uniforms that don’t break the bank.

Mobifalcon, @Mobifalcon: A software as a service (SaaS) company that creates an e-commerce mobile mall for small businesses synchronized with their inventory systems. It also provides software for smart inventory management and analytics.

PRYZM,, @PryzmLabs: PRYZM builds lenses for mobile photographers by fundamentally altering the way light travels through cameras. Its products produce photos and videos that help users’ content stand out.

Selery Fulfillment, @SeleryIt: Selery Fulfillment offers personalized order fulfillment, warehousing, and inventory management to bring better value to customers

Skill Silo, @SkillSilo: Skill Silo pairs professionals with students via live 1-on-1 videoconferencing.

StuntShare Inc., @StuntShare: StuntShare connects travelers to unique adventures they wouldn’t normally find on their own.

Tech EdVentures, @TechEdV: Tech EdVentures teaches engineering and coding skills to young learners in a unique way. This platform is growing across DFW and positioning for national distribution.

WunderHome, @Wunder_Home: WunderHome is a free web and iPhone application that allows you to buy or sell a home commission free right from your phone. Find your home, speak directly to the homeowner, complete the legal paperwork, and all with the help of a licensed specialist at the touch of a button.

Photo: Archer Hobson and Dustin Dunham of WunderHome, relax after their pitch. (Photo by Quincy Preston)

Q+A: Tech Wildcatters Startups

Tech Wildcatter startups took a moment this week from prepping their pitches to tell us more about how their businesses began.




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