Clarisa Lindenmeyer

Cash Flow Is King.
This Dallas Fintech Tackles Challenges for Businesses, 1099 Workers in the Ever-Changing Gig Economy

by | Jul 20, 2022
Gig Wage has found new ways to help business owners manage cash flow and payment speed. But even more so, it aims to help create "a social safety net for 1099 workers" by offering non-predatory Faster Pay solutions and other features, with a debit card and mobile app offering also in the works.
Dallas Fintech Gig Wage Helps Freelance and Contract Workers Find Financial Stability
by | Apr 4, 2022
“Our mission is economic empowerment, period.” says Craig Lewis, Gig Wage founder and CEO. The Dallas 1099 payroll solutions company collaborated with Green Dot and nonprofit Commonwealth on a study of what types of 'financial interventions' help provide financial security to a fast-growing non-traditional workforce in the gig economy. Empowerment starts with understanding, Lewis says. "We want to get involved to start to set the tone on what that understanding should be, so that we can replicate it at scale.”
Diversity Rocket
Diversity Fuels North Texas Startup Funding
by | Jan 30, 2019
"We’re on to a second wave of what our innovation ecosystem looks like," says Proximity to Power's Clarisa Lindenmeyer.
Tech Wildcatters
Initial Batch From Tech Wildcatters’ ‘Gauntlet’ To Make Pitches Thursday
by | May 20, 2016
On Thursday, the first batch of startups who began working through "The Gauntlet," will make pitches at the House of Blues.

Want Money From Tech Wildcatters? Have a Solid Business Plan

by | May 3, 2016
Tech Wildcatters will make companies reach certain requirements or hit milestones before getting any investment.
Dallas Skyline
Why We Need to Grow our Eco-System, not an Echo Chamber
by | Jan 28, 2016
All industries have badges of honor. In the startup world, the badge consists of working on software, raising capital, chatting on Slack, keeping up with the latest tech trends, attending hackathons, preparing pitches, working at co-working spaces, and, sometimes, it’s obtained by just attending startups events.
Startup: State of Innovation in Dallas-Fort Worth
by | Dec 15, 2015
When it comes to startups and small business, Dallas Fort-Worth is ripe for a renaissance.