Tech Titans Will Host a Reverse Pitch Virtual Event June 10th

Reps from AT&T, CBRE, Cisco, Ericsson, and State Farm will give innovators and entrepreneurs tips on what they're looking for most.

Usually entrepreneurs do the pitching. But on June 10th the opposite will happen during the Tech Titans Reverse Pitch virtual event. Representatives of leading U.S. companies will pitch innovators and entrepreneurs on what they’re looking for most—in new ideas, products, and partnerships.

“This will be a high-impact forum for entrepreneurs to hear about where they can target concepts to have a better chance to find a market for their product,” said Andrew Olowu, the Tech Titans Innovation Team chair and the CTO at Axxess, in a statement. “By engaging in this forum, we’re hoping entrepreneurs will ultimately find success for themselves, their own companies, and the North Texas tech community as a whole.”

In past years, Tech Titans’ Reverse Pitch has packed auditoriums with speakers, panelists, and entrepreneurial buzz. But this year’s event has its own virtual pull: big-name corporations. Representatives from AT&T, CBRE, Cisco, Ericsson, and State Farm will be offering advice.

Tech Titans is the largest technology trade association in Texas, representing around a quarter-million employees through its 300-plus member companies. Its Innovation Collider was designed to build connections through collisions and collaborations through events like Reverse Pitch.

Enterprise reps at the Reverse Pitch will offer tips on how to access corporate attention and resources for growth. They’ll also highlight business and tech needs they’d like startups to address, and explain why and how they engage with startups.

The Reverse Pitch will help entrepreneurs “hone their current projects to be more attractive for a compatible corporate entity to form a business relationship, invest in, or acquire,” Tech Titans says.

Registration is free for the June 10th event, which will be held from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (CT). The event’s target audience includes entrepreneurs and early- to mid-stage companies, especially those that are developing in the area of edge computing.

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