How a Dallas ‘MomPreneur’ Is Rewriting the Rules of Clothing Rental Services

The fashion magazines have declared it's the "year of the rental," and new services are starting to pop up. But Parcel22, founded by a local mom, is a subscription service that targets a different kind of audience: Gen Z.

In Vogue’s “year of the rental”, it’s no secret that subscription services for clothes are skyrocketing in popularity. But Natasha August, a Dallas mom, has decided to do things a little bit different than the rest—she’s specifically targeting Gen Z. 

August’s clothing subscription service called Parcel22 provides young people with outfits that are trendy yet thrifty, all with three simple clicks. The goal is to merge aesthetic and ease: you simply browse the site, choose what fits your flair, and the team will do the rest. 

“We focus on the look of our pieces, and not the label,” Natasha, who’s also the company’s CEO, said in a statement. “We tailor to a younger audience, which no other subscription service focuses on, and we have the most affordable prices.”

The monthly rental package prices are based off of how many items you want, ranging from $65 to $85 dollars. Everything from denim to dresses to bracelets will arrive at your door after a “style profile” is completed.

Once the selections are approved, the parcel ships to the customer’s door. They can keep the items for however long they like; there are no return due dates. And, as soon as they ship it back with Parcel22’s prepaid label, another package will ship.

That means there’s no monthly limit on how much clothing a customer can receive. 

This type of “constant clothing rotation” is used by other subscription services, but Parcel22 has a key difference—it’s nearly $100 dollars cheaper. Much of that major price cut is because Parcel22 doesn’t focus as much on the brand of their items, but more on the design.

In addition to reaping the benefits of rental savings, Parcel22 also gives its members the options to keep the items they can’t bear to part with. According to their website, those pieces can be up to 80 percent off of retail price. 

And, Parcel22 subscribers are not only saving money, but also are saving the planet. That model plays into the trend of conscious consumerism, which WWD named a top priority for generation Z. Renting helps people make sustainable fashion choices by ensuring they aren’t buying what they don’t need. It saves water, plants, and time spent asking, “when was the last time I wore this?” when cleaning out an overcrowded closet. 

Another way the company is giving back is by partnering with Genesis Women’s Shelter. Every monthly subscription Parcel22 receives, they donate 22 cents to the Dallas-based shelter for victims of domestic violence. And if the clothes are starting to get a bit worn out? The Parcel22 team will drop them in the Genesis donation box. 

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