Hosch & Morris: Dallas is Now Home to One of the First Data Privacy Law Boutiques in Texas

Amidst changing regulations and data privacy concerns, Hosch & Morris PLLC is a newly launched firm that takes a pragmatic, risk-based approach to seeing, reducing, and managing security risks.

Dallas is welcoming a new law firm by the name of Hosch & Morris PLLC, which will offer a pragmatic, preemptive approach to reducing the risks surrounding data privacy.

Hosch & Morris calls itself “one of the first law boutiques in Texas” that focuses on helping companies make smart decisions related to data privacy, commercial trade secrets, and secure information. Launched April 17 by co-founders Charles M. Hosch and Kathryne M. Morris, the firm aims to align clients’ business goals to new regulations and other industry developments in technology.

“We are dedicated to empowering companies to maintain the right policies and procedures needed to remain compliant, protect critical data sources, and make wiser decisions that will lead to success in today’s fast-moving business environment,” Hosch said in a statement.

Morris added that many businesses—even fellow law firms—have a blind spot when it comes to implementing the right solutions to security challenges. And, the concern is continually accelerating.

“We help clients assess, identify and manage the risks in contracts,” she said, “so they have a better understanding of the types of data involved, where it will be collected and stored, and how it will be used and shared, all of which can have significant implications to their business.”

Hosch and Morris come from Texas firm Strasburger & Price LLP, which merged with Clark Hill PLC last year. Together, the duo has over 45 years of experience in transactions and trial work involving technology agreements, and both are triple-certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals with the CIPP/US, CIPP/E and CIPM.

Also on the team is Attorney Russell B. Pearlman, who brings more than 25 years in technology consulting, including two years as acting chief technology officer at a major automobile manufacturer.

Hosch & Morris PLLC said that its level of expertise with technology agreements, combined with the new data privacy laws worldwide, is coming at an essential time. Many of these laws are putting pressure on American businesses, many of which are in Texas, so Dallas was the ideal location to set up shop.

“With so many major corporations headquartered here, it just makes sense for us to be in Dallas because all those companies have to deal with issues involving data and privacy,” Hosch said. “And, if we need to work with a client elsewhere in the country, Dallas, being in the middle of the country, makes a natural jumping-off point.”

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