Workforce Wellness: Dallas’ Catapult Health Launches a New Program That Brings Virtual Checkups Home

The clinically based Virtual Checkup program gives employers with remote workforces and satellite locations a new option of preventive care for employees.

Dallas-based Catapult Health has announced a new program that makes preventative care checkups available to employers and their employees, no matter their location.

In the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a wave of new or worsening chronic conditions and mental health concerns is anticipated as a result of delayed care, according to Catapult Health. And with larger remote workforces and distributed office operations becoming the “new normal” for employers, those issues can be masked. 

Virtual care is a way to give people the resources they need, said Catapult Health CEO David Michel. That’s why the provider of onsite and virtual preventive healthcare developed a new Virtual Checkup that can include satellite locations, remote employees, and even spouses.

“Since this pandemic began, the entire team has been working tirelessly to determine and meet the needs of our customers, employees, and community,” Michel told Dallas Innovates. “We have really pulled together and pivoted as necessary to help where we can.”

Catapult’s clinical preventive care appointment incorporates a home kit for blood testing, key measurements, medical history, depression and COVID-19 screenings, a virtual consultation with a nurse practitioner, and a personal health report.

The company, which has partnered with organizations such as Essilor, CGG, Sewell Automotive, Serta Simmons Bedding, State of Arkansas, University of Texas, and Southwestern Medical Center, will provide virtual healthcare visits to 49 states, not including New York, Michel says. The program will include satellite locations, remote employees, and spouses to create an experience that is both engaging and educational for the patient, according to the company.

The team is optimistic about the program. Michel sees blue skies ahead: “Virtual care is the future.”

“Moving forward in the ‘next normal’ means adjusting to meet care delivery and workplaces changes,” Michel says. “Employees are coping with many complex issues while working from home, and employers should be aware of the potential impact on mental health and chronic condition status. Our Virtual Checkup brings preventive care into their homes and maintains the clinical depth and protocols of an office-based annual exam. This is the future of healthcare.”

Each patient will receive a kit that contains tools pertaining to the visit, including a wrist blood pressure monitor, a blood pressure log, a finger stick blood spot device, measuring tape, and instructions.

“For the home kits, we looked again for the next-generation solution and here’s the blood collection device we are using in our home kits: Hema Spot SE,” Michel says. “Through just four drops, we can get results for total cholesterol.”

A nurse practitioner will then meet with the patient virtually to talk results. From there, the nurse practitioner will explain a personal action plan for the patient, which is available to be shared with the patients’ regular physician.

The nurse practitioner will also be able to provide depression and COVID-19 screenings if needed. The total time for a virtual visit is about 30 minutes.

Because It’s a wellness appointment, the company says, insurers cover the visit, making it an economic option for both employers and employees. “Results are shared with the employee’s doctor,” Catapult notes.

The virtual checkups will be available starting September 1, and more information can be found at

Quincy Preston contributed to this report.

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