Frisco-based Freight Think Launches to Help Shippers Cut Costs, Boost Profits, Help Environment

Two North Texas supply chain veterans—Reid Klosowsky and Bill Maroney, in partnership with Frisco-based NT Logistics— have founded and launched Freight Think, a logistics-oriented advisory group.

In the past few years, you’ve probably heard the phrase “supply chain” hundreds of times as it’s become an important part of everyday life for Americans looking to buy the goods they need.

Now two North Texas supply chain veterans—in partnership with Frisco-based NT Logistics—have founded and launched Freight Think, an advisory group dedicated to helping business leaders drive profits by optimizing transportation strategy to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Supply chain industry veterans Reid Klosowsky and Bill Maroney use a four-part advisory approach to negotiate, validate, analyze, and optimize freight expenditures. It’s a solution they said is built for speed with an average elapsed timeline of two weeks to present findings.

From left, Reid Klosowsky and Bill Maroney [Photos: Freight Think]

“I’m excited to partner with Reid and Bill as we launch this venture,” Lynn Gravley, president and CEO of NT Logistics, said in a statement. “With a combined 40-plus year history of supply chain leadership, they have managed billions of dollars in annual spend, optimizing both performance and cost by bridging the gaps that all too often exist between the ‘product’ people and the ‘logistics’ people. Plus, they are keenly aware of just how time-strapped teams are today, so they’ve built services to quickly get in and get out, so shippers can act fast.”

Optimizing complex supply chains

Supply chains are getting progressively more complex and require constant adaptation as the world becomes more interconnected. This is where Freight Think comes in.

Supply chain operations must constantly adapt, and siloed approaches are no longer viable. Freight Think’s holistic approach to supply chain management emphasizes the importance of collaboration between product and logistics teams to optimize transportation strategy, reduce costs, and drive profitability, while ensuring ethical and socially responsible business practices.

“We strive to improve profit margins for our clients—everyday shippers—who, for lack of time or expertise, cannot manage their transportation costs like the Fortune 100. At Freight Think, we know how to quickly bring value to your organization through our Negotiate, Validate, Analyze, Optimize approach,” Klosowsky said on LinkedIn.

Freight Think—which points to a long history of producing results in collaboration with NT Logistics and other top-of-the-line solutions providers—uses deep data analytics and benchmarking to provides insights that can identify practical opportunities for improvement by analyzing where and how freight dollars are spent.

Simple solutions to improve profitability

Providing valuable insights to help businesses of any size meet their goals, Freight Think offers services and solutions including:

  • Carrier contract review and analysis,
  • Freight bill auditing,
  • Packaging and network design,
  • Routing compliance and optimization,
  • Carbon reduction guidance,
  • Performance measurement,
  • End-to-end visibility, and
  • Speed and service strategies.

“Shippers today understand that it’s time to take a more surgical approach to improve profitability. We’ve got to look at profitability at the product versus the company or department level,” Klosowsky said in a statement. “By understanding how product and freight work together, companies can be smarter and gain efficiency. All too often we find simple solutions that drive significant value.”

Freight Think said it works with shippers nationwide to assess the favorability of their shipping rates, accuracy of their invoices, efficiency in freight dollar spending, the impact of freight expense on profitability, and the effectiveness of corporate environmental strategies.

Freight Think offers a quick, five-question online quiz and complimentary assessment to help shippers identify potentials savings opportunities.

“With NT Logistics’ Business Intelligence platform, we’re able to accurately advise on data-driven improvement options. The ability to marry our experience as shippers with NT’s analytics provides a unique perspective and a simple, powerful report,” Klosowsky said. “We look forward to helping shippers identify and implement strategies and behaviors to improve supply chain performance.”

Improving sustainability

Freight Think said it can help businesses develop, track, and report on their environmental goals as well. The assessments look at ways to lessen fuel consumption, decrease emissions, and reduce packaging and waste, all key metrics for companies’ ESG goals.

“Being more efficient, whether that means minimizing redundant moves, shortening length of haul, or removing empty space from cartons, containers, or trailers, is not just ‘the right thing to do,’ it’s good business,” Maroney said in a statement.

NT Logistics is a privately held transportation management and logistics service company that provides its national customer base with a full array of transportation and integrated logistics services.

As a non-asset-based third-party logistics provider, NT Logistics acts as an intermediary for manufacturers and shippers to distribute products.

Founded in July 1999, NT Logistics has additional offices in Lubbock, Texas; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Springdale, Arkansas; Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Phoenix, Arizona.

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