Innovative Spaces:
Capital One’s Luxe Airport Lounge Opens at DFW Airport

A photo tour of the first-ever luxury airport lounge from Capital One.

Just in time for holiday travelers, Capital One has opened a new refuge that turns holiday hassles into pre-boarding bliss. The Capital One Lounge at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is its first-ever luxury airport lounge.
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It’s a 10,000-square-foot escape near Gate D22 with curated menus, a craft cocktail bar, cycling and yoga room, and many other amenities. Travelers with boarding passes are welcome at the new lounge at the standard rate of $65, which brings you a wide range of complimentary food and beverage options including craft cocktails—as well as high-speed wifi, a shower suite, the cycling and yoga room, a relaxation room, and more. To read more about the lounge, go here.

Take a photo tour of the space below.

A Modern Oasis for Travelers

The Capital One Lounge at DFW Airport’s Terminal D.

Travelers can make reservations for amenities like the nap pods and Peloton bikes on arrival at the reception desk. [Photo: Capital One]

Travelers are greeted by dramatic views (and sunsets) with a west-facing floor-to-ceiling wall of windows. [Photo: Capital One]

Quick options 

Capital One Lounge created areas designed for travelers to grab a quick snack or drink, even when they don’t have hours to linger.

In a hurry? Travelers can grab a quick snack that’s fresh and healthy. [Photo: Capital One]

[Photo: Capital One]

Lite bites include a variety of salads. [Photo: Capital One]

Lattes on tap

The Capital One Lounge is ready for a quick cuppa Joe or other beverage of choice.

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

The vibe in the lounge is luxe. [Photo: Dallas Innovates]

Cannoli’s and a latte make a delicious combo. [Photo: Capital One]

Fresh food and no lines

The Capital One Lounge has plenty of hot and cold food options—all self-service and beautifully presented.

[Photo: Capital One]

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

Hummus and pita are offered for a quick appetizer. [Photo: Capital One]

[Photo: Capital One]

Chicken Pot Pie is a regional favorite. [Photo: Capital One]

A full breakfast can include an artisan Bloody Mary. [Photo: Capital One]


Craft cocktails

[Photo: Capital One]

Butter Pecan Old Fashioned [Photo: Capital One]

[Photo: Capital One]

The bartender makes a Turtle Creek Spritz. [Photo: Capital One]

Regional cocktail favorites

Want to recreate a cocktail at home? The bar coasters are printed with drink menus on them as an “Easter egg” takeaway.

Don’t Call Me Shirley [Photo: Capital One]

Blazing Saddles [Photo: Capital One]

Red Shirt [Photo: Capital One]

Local artists on display

Artwork is on full display throughout the space with more than 55 pieces of local commissioned art. Capital One wanted to give local artists an amazing platform to showcase their work: “We’ll have hundreds of 1,000s of passengers a year through here, all getting a chance to take in the art and really experience it,” the company said. Coming soon: museum-quality plaques to add to the experience. 

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

Family friendly

Capital One talked to families about their needs.  One was a multifunctional area for families. “Separated family rooms are great for toys, but typically parents want to feel a little bit more immersed in the experience not so separated kind of the rest of the world,” Capital One said. “Our space is multifunctional so it lets parents hang out on their own and feel perfectly comfortable but provides a smaller space for kids.

[Photo: Capital One]

[Photo: Capital One]

Cocoon-like chairs ease the stress of travel. [Capital One]

[Photo: Capital One]

Nap pods, shower suites, and more

Health and wellbeing for travelers is a top priority at the Capital One Lounge. Music plays throughout the space, but changes based on the room. The restrooms have word poetry and the cozy mother’s room has spa-relaxing music. The main areas have different beats playing to keep a good energetic vibe.

Cycling + Yoga

[Photo: Dallas Innovates]

Yoga room. [Photo: Capital One]

Restore yourself

The nap pods are one way to escape at the Capital One Lounge at DFW Airport.  [Photo: Dallas Innovates]

Even the relaxation room has a view. [Photo: Dallas Innovates]

The zero gravity nap pods are a fully sensory immersive experience like a spaceship. There’s a shield that comes across your face, eye masks, and different soundscapes you can listen to—and stars on the ceiling.

Suite shower

Showers have towels and everything you need, says Capital One. [Photo: Dallas Innovates]

The packaging is biodegradable and designed to disinigrate. [Photo: Capital One]

Multi-Faith Room

A wall in the multi-faith prayer rooms. Capital One wanted to make the room inclusive for all different types of travelers. [Photo: Dallas Innovates]

Attention to detail

Amenities are designed for comfort and a few surprises, like the word poetry soundtrack playing in the restroom. [Photo: Dallas Innovates]

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