Film’s 360-Degree Technology
Tells Goliad Massacre Story

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Texas Historical Commission

The Texas Historical Commission has released a movie trailer for an upcoming five-minute web film about one of the most tragic events in state history: the massacre at Goliad.

The trailer and web film use 360-degree video technology to give Texas history fans a new way to experience historical content. A 360 video allows a full, spherical view on film and is sometimes equated with virtual reality, although the latter typically means you are wearing goggles during the experience.

Dallas’ 900lbs of Creative provided film production and creative and design services, and Gravelle Branding/Marketing of Dallas provided overall direction and strategic services.

The Texas Historical Commission’s film tells of the 1836 massacre of 342 unarmed captured Texas soldiers by the Mexican army. It features video footage of never-before-seen artifacts and stories, including ties to the Battle of Coleto Creek and the role of Col. James W. Fannin, who was executed inside the walls of Presidio.


The THC movie was filmed in and around the Presidio La Bahía fort just south of present-day Goliad and the Fannin Battleground State Historic Site. It is designed to give viewers a deeper understanding of the tragic story that played an important role in the 1836 march toward Texas independence.

Along with the defeat at the Alamo, the massacre at Goliad was a rallying cry in Texas’ fight for independence.

A full-length film is scheduled to be released May 15 and will be available on the Texas Historical Commission’s homepage and also on the commission’s YouTube channel.

Matt McDermott assisted with online marketing for the film, and Stephen L. Hardin served as historian.

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