Ever.Ag Acquires Austin Data Labs ‘To Reinvent Global Food Supply Chains’

Aiming to pioneer "efficient, transparent farm-to-table solutions," Frisco-based Ever.Ag said the acquisition amplifies its focus on end-to-end visibility across the entire food supply chain—"from seeds to table."

Frisco-based agricultural software provider Ever.Ag announced it has acquired Austin Data Labs in “a deliberate move to unify a fragmented agricultural industry via cutting-edge AI, data science, and AgTech.”

Austin Data Labs is an AI and data science firm known for pioneering innovative data solutions, Ever.Ag said.

“By acquiring Austin Data Labs, we’ve taken a revolutionary step towards redefining the agricultural data landscape globally,” Ever.Ag CEO Scott Sexton said in a statement. “At Ever.Ag, we’ve built a robust data infrastructure, and by integrating Austin Data Labs’ unmatched AI and data science expertise, we’re poised to unlock unprecedented value across the entire food supply chain.”

“This union signifies our relentless commitment to customer success, sustainability, and catalyzing impact across every link of the chain, from seeds to table,” Sexton added.

Ever.Ag said the acquisition amplifies its focus on end-to-end visibility in a sector in which siloed operations have hindered comprehensive data management and analysis.

Providing ‘a strong data foundation’

Austin Data Labs’ AI and data science capabilities provide a strong data foundation to drive innovative solutions across Ever.Ag’s diverse portfolio in crops, dairy, livestock, and food and beverage, the company added.

Bringing in Austin Data Labs not only improves Ever.ag’s suite of advanced technologies, the company said, but it supports Ever.Ag’s commitment to pioneering “efficient, transparent farm-to-table solutions.”

“Joining Ever.Ag marked an important moment for Austin Data Labs and the wider agriculture supply chain,” Austin Data Labs CEO and co-founder Simon Drake said in a statement. “Our sophisticated AI and data science is supercharging Ever.Ag’s data infrastructure, enabling a world where analytics and insights drive every decision. Together, we’re actively shaping the future of AgTech and food systems, ensuring they are sustainable, efficient, and remarkably innovative.”

Ever.Ag said its financial risk business continues to be a key component of its many offerings, and that the incorporation of Austin Data Labs will help optimize data analytics and intelligence across all its agricultural sectors while supporting Ever.Ag’s commitment to ethical practices and market fairness.

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