Donate 2 Impact Names Chief Administrative Officer

As chief administrative officer, Alexandra "Alex" Mazzi will lead all operations, including marketing and business development, strategic planning, organizational development, and business analysis.

Alexandra “Alex” Mazzi has been promoted to chief administrative officer, of Flower Mound-based Donate 2 Impact, a locally owned community clothing donation center that recycles donations into financial support for local charities.

Previously, Mazzi was vice president of marketing and business development.

The 11-year-old fundraising company supports charities and non-profit organizations in Dallas-Fort Worth with its efforts.

In February, the company changed its name from Recycle 2 Support in a rebranding to better reflect “what they do and why they do it,” the company said at the time. Donate 2 Impact’s new name symbolizes their future: “The company analyzed its values as an organization and created a brand-new identity that reflects those values.”

Mazzi has a passion for leading teams to enable transformation, she says. The new chief administrative officer said “bridging and collaborating between various silos and functions to create a holistic approach will allow us to effectively introduce Donate 2 Impact to a new, innovative marketplace,” Mazzi said in a statement.

Strategic planning and commitment to growth

As CAO, Mazzi will lead all operations, including marketing and business development, strategic planning, organizational development, and business analysis. Donate 2 Impact said her promotion reflects the organization’s commitment to growth—and reinforces its strategic vision to unify and elevate the customer experience for its family of brands.

“With her combination of experience and leadership skills, as well as her thorough knowledge of business and operations, Alex is the obvious and best choice to become Donate 2 Impact’s next CAO,” Matt Kloeber, CEO/president of Donate 2 Impact, said in a statement.

Over the past 25 years, Mazzi has successfully pioneered her approach to building relationships, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit, and maintaining growth-oriented leadership. She has used her expertise throughout her career to create and execute multiple profitable business strategies.

Mazzi is a widely known and respected industry leader with a remarkable business-building track record focusing on strategy development and execution, financial management, marketing strategy, product innovation, and driving profitability, the organization noted.

“Over the [past] 19 months, Mazzi has led an effort to modernize Donate 2 Impact’s marketing and employee relations, including developing several employee relations programs,” Kloeber said in the news release.

Earlier this year, the Dallas Morning News reported on the conviction of Tamara Wallace, who was a chief operating officer at the for-profit Donate 2 Impact before she was fired in April 2019 for embezzling $1.36 million from the company.

The company’s leaders “openly discussed details of the embezzlement” with the publication, which wrote they “consider it to be a cautionary tale for businesses about the importance of putting strong financial checks and balances in place.”

This story was updated with additional information on November 30, 2022, at 9:50 a.m.

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