Dallas’ Vonlane Helps Cancer Patients Travel in Comfort to Treatments

The Dallas-based luxury coach company offers a discount for riders headed to M.D. Anderson in Houston.

Vonlane. Dallas, TX

If you are a cancer patient undergoing treatment at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and don’t live in or around Houston, your options to get there and back tend to be limited. At least, until now.

Thanks to MD Anderson’s partnership with luxury motor coach service Vonlane, patients can hop a motor coach in Austin, Dallas or San Antonio, and travel to Houston via a discounted travel fare.

Vonlane bus interior. Dallas, TX

[Photo: MPD Ventures]

Many cancer patients are advised by their health-care providers to avoid airlines, because of reduced immunity following rounds of cancer treatment. Because of microbes in airports, and the close quarters of airline cabins, those patients are more susceptible to illnesses.

Also, post-treatment fatigue can make both driving to, or walking around, airport terminals difficult.

“Vonlane has become an important part of our patients’ treatment plans in the Texas Triangle.”

Enter Vonlane, known for its luxury-interior, limited-seating charter buses.

“Vonlane has become an important part of our patients’ treatment plans in the Texas Triangle,” said Gretchen E. Vaughan, senior director of development for MD Anderson Cancer Center. “As

“As airline and personal car travel may be too taxing or problematic for some patients, we’re pleased to offer patients a safe, easy, comfortable, and reduced-fare solution with Vonlane.”

Vonlane’s Houston terminal is in downtown Houston, roughly five miles from MD Anderson’s facility. The coach operates four weekday arrivals and departures in Houston from each of Vonlane’s locations in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. The coach also provides weekend service.

Patients interested in the discount must book through MD Anderson’s travel department.

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